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The first step of your application requires the creation of your personal account.

  • Application for the 2018 entrance are closed. However, you can create your profile for the 2019 entrance.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

International BBA - (4 year bachelor degree)

Only International Students or French students with a non french baccalaureat (or international equivalent) can apply for the International BBA Programme (Bachelor 1).
If you own the french baccalaureat, we invite you to apply through the Sesame Platform (
The registration fee is 120 € ist not refundable.

Master in Management - Grande Ecole (2-year Master Degree)

Application requirements for admission:

  • To be qualified for an admission in first year (Master 1), you must be at least 26 years old during the year of the entrance exam.
  • You must also have a validated Bachelor's degree (Bac +3/4), and have spent at least two years outside France during your higher education.
  • For french speaking students: TAGE MAGE (>220) + TOEIC (>785) or TOEFL (>550 for the TOEFL or >80 for the TOEFL IBT) or IELTS (>6).
  • For english speaking students: GMAT(>500) or GRE equivalent.

The registration fee is 120 €, not refundable.
Following eligibility (study of the motivation file and the test results provided), you will have to pass a motivational interview in French or in English.

Specialised Programmes : MSc (1 or 2 year programmes)

Students graduating with a non French Bachelor degree can apply to one of our English specialised Masters of Science (MSc) programmes. Please note the following important admission information :

  • If you hold a 4-year Bachelor degree or a 3-year Bachelor degree + 3 years of working experience, you may obtain admission to the final year of the MSc programme (named Master 2 year)
  • If you hold a 3-year Bachelor degree and depending on your level, you may obtain admission to the first year of the MSc programme (named M1 year) or to the final year of the MSc programme (named Master 2 year)
  • To apply to one of the MSc programmes taught in English, you need to submit an English score, unless you attended your previous degree in English (at least 2 years) . The miminum scores requested are the following : TOEIC (780) or TOEFL IBT (90) or TOEFL PAPER (587) or TOEFL CBT (240) or IELTS (6,5)

NB (for French speakers only): Pour les programmes enseignés en Français, que ce soit un Master of Science (MSc) , un Mastère spécialisé® (MS) ou un Titre de niveau 1, nous vous invitons à vous renseigner sur la page de candidature des programmes en Français.

How to apply ?

Create an account and send my first application

Once your personal account is created, you have to fill in the online application form and to upload the following documents:

For all programmes:

  • Resume/CV
  • a copy of your passport
  • Academic records
  • Certificate of achievement or Awarded Diploma
  • Proof of an English score TOEIC / TOEFL / IELTS unless you are an English native speaker or have attended at least 2 years of study in English. If you apply to the Master in Management, Grande Ecole Programme, do not forget to add the following TAGE-MAGE (French speakers only) or GRE or GMAT score

You can add any other certificate that might support your application.

Format accepted: JPEG / PNG / WORD ou PDF (maximum of 3Mo per document)

What is the candidate selection process ?

Fill in the application form for the programme of your choice on line, and submit.

The admission process starts with an assessment of your application in order to check your eligibility for the programme.

Once you are eligible, you will be invited for an Interview /or a written exam on campus (or on Skype if you live outside France)

Master in Management - Grande Ecole programme : Interview only with KEDGE Business School Academics.

Specialized programmes : Depending on the programmes you may have to take a written exam. For all programmes you will have an interview with a panel of teachers and professionals.

The choice of the campus to go for your interview and exam is independant from the campus you choose for your studies. Our admission team will contact you by email in order to fix your appointment time and place (on one of our campuses or on Skype).

The Admission decision will be sent to you by email soon after your interview.

When can I apply?

Specialised Programmes (MSc) :
Selection period for the next school year will be from october to july.
The applications form and interviews will be planified one by one to give a feedback to the candidates as soon as possible.
The admissions results for the complete files and interviews will be communicate by email in 5 working days and the applicants will be invited to pass a skype session within 15 days.
The admissions results will be given next.
The selection period will be close as soon as the program will get his quota of new students for the school year. We encourage to apply during the selection period.

Master In Management - Grande Ecole :
Applications are open until June 15th 2017.

Can I save an uncompleted application?

Once your profile is created, you can start to apply to a programme and save your application whenever you need.
Later on, in order to complete it and to send it to us, go to "My Account" and then to "My Applications".

Can I cancel an application ?

You can cancel an application during the application process. However, if the application has been already sent, you should contact the KEDGE Admission team to withdraw your application.
The application fees are not refundable.

Application fees

Your application is considered as completed only once you have paid the 120€ application fees (one per application).

The payment method available is online Payment. Once you have completed your application, you will be send to our bank website (Credit Mutuel) in order to pay you application fees.

Applications fees are non-refundable.

How to finance my studies ?


KEDGE offers various scholarships in order to support you financially.

More information is available here : Scholarships

Part-time studies

Master in Management - Grande Ecole (English or French) from the first year.

For more information at, contact us at:



Any questions about your application or your interview?

Please send an email to with the reference of the programme and campus in the subject area.

Any questions about our programs ? Or any help you may need about your career choices, please contact our Promotion team :

Master In Management Grande-Ecole
International BBA

Laurence Mariet Sanchez (Asia)
00 33 491 827 746

Catherine Maisonneuve (America)
00 33 5 56 84 63 69

Martin Bonnefond (Europe / Middle East / Africa)
00 33 4 91 82 73 51

Specialized Programmes (MSc)

MAI - Innovation & International Purchasing
ISLI - Global Supply Chain
CORPORATE & SUSTAINABLE FINANCE - Corporate Finance, Audit et consulting
SPORT - International sport & Event Management

Laurence Mariet Sanchez (Asia)
00 33 491 827 746

Catherine Maisonneuve (America, Africa)
00 33 5 56 84 63 69

Martin Bonnefond (Europe, Russia, Maghreb)
00 33 4 91 82 73 51

If you are a French student applying for specialized programmes, you can contact our French office by email : or phone :

Matthieu Moulas
04 91 82 73 12

MAI - Innovation & International Purchasing
ISLI - Global Supply Chain
MVS - Management Vin et Spiritueux
Claire Lamoureux
05 56 84 63 48